We strongly believe the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ transcends denominational barriers, and demands the efforts of Christian from diverse background with a heart for God.

CYJ provides diverse avenues of partnership in the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Prominent among the various avenues of partnership is the College of Patrons and Sponsors.
In each locality, a College of Patrons/Sponsors (COPAS) is set up. This college assists in the funding and smooth running of CYJ activities. The ministry reports its work during these meetings where necessary counsel may be provided by the patrons/sponsors.
Patrons play an active role in the day to day existence of the ministry. They ensure that the ministry remains true to her goals through prayer, counsel and encouragement.Sponsors are more involved in the funding of the ministry

The CYJ Newsletter “IMPACT” furnishes local churches, CYJ patrons and sponsors (as well as other persons and organisations), with a regular report on the ministry’s activities, plans and projects.

The word “collaboration” characterizes CYJ’s relationship with local churches since they are responsible for the upkeep of both CYJ members and the fruits of the ministry’s activities. Our desire is to work in partnership with Youth Fellowships and Christian ministries.

CYJ currentky partners with national and international partners like: Evangelism Explosion, Campus Crusade for Christ International, Mission Aid Fellowship in Cameroon, Friendx of Africa USA, Hope Outreach International Ministries USA,Woodlawn Baptist Church USA


We would love to pray for you!